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3rd update of the day??? livejournal commands my life :(

Who here has heard of Bob Jones University......? 

I think it has to be one of THE most ridiculously conservative schools in the world.  EVER   Check out their Residence Hall Life webpage!!

this makes for good entertainment:
  • Freshmen may request a roommate. Other students are allowed one request for a friend to be in their prayer group, on their hall, or in their residence hall, but not in their room.  (specific, aren't they?)
  • Students are required to be in their own rooms and quiet at 11 pm. All lights must be out by midnight. (my 4 year old cousin stays up later than that...)
  • Due to the flood of objectionable content coming through outside email services, students may use only the filtered campus email system.
  • Posters of movie and music stars and fashion models are not permitted. (wow my room would fail inspection miserably)
  • Music must be compatible with the University's music standards:
    • New Age, jazz, rock, and country music is not permitted.
    • Contemporary Christian music is not permitted (e.g., Michael W. Smith, Stephen Curtis Chapman, WOW Worship, and so forth). (guess contemporary Christian music is too mainstream for them...)
  • Televisions and DVD/videocassette players are not permitted in the residence halls; computer DVD players may not be used to view movies.  (so basically you spend all your time reading the bible and praying...?)
and my favs:
  • Residence hall students may not watch videos above a G rating when visiting homes in town and may not attend movie theaters. (oh come ON.  Even some Disney movies are rated higher than G...)
  • Students may bring automobiles to campus. However, underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) who are under 21 years old may use their vehicles only to drive home
Wendy: how do they know you're gonna drive straight home???
Wendy: does god = high tech tracking device?
Elyse: and Jesus = big brother
Wendy: that would make for one hell of a reality show

if you thought that was bad....check out their dress code

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