Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

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you know what really pisses me off

shit like THIS

Now, I'm sure you're all familiar with ewanmesong.  She's the other half of the co-plotting team on The Ewan-Gerry Wars, and also a very good friend of mine.

I'm very protective of my friends, so needless to say, I'm steamed that someone would say something like that about a person they have never known.

According to Mary (ewan_pics), arwen_jinn thrives on victimizing innocent people with absolutely no point behind her argument.  Apparently she has also created a livejournal just to make fun of Ewan's looks?  I could care less about what this bitch thinks about Ewan's looks, but might I also add that she's a FAN of Ewan's??  What a fucking hypocrite. She's also created an entire livejournal just to say nasty things aboutsplix

I'm VERY tempted to give her a piece of my mind, but do I really want to be a part of her little charade? I feel I'm being a horrible friend for not standing up for ewanmesong because I know she would have my back if anything like this happened to me. 

EDIT: this kind of shit pisses me off too. what the fuck is wrong with everybody today?? Whatever happened to having good morals?? *gives up*
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