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uploaded a SHITload of music in my last entry here

go hook yourself up


gather 'round boys and girls....it's story time!

I went to eat lunch at the cafeteria today (a rare occurance) and as I was checking out, the cashier guy takes my credit card, stares at me, and says "I could just gouge your eyes out, stick them in a box next to my bed, and stare at them all day"

me: *blink* *blink* O_O  (not a smart move since he probably wanted me to react that way)

shake it off... be cool...

LATER --- as I get up to leave, he shouts at me across the cafeteria (everyone can hear this, mind you) "PRETTY EYESSSSSSSSSSSSS"

WHO SAYS THAT???  there's a difference between complementing someone...and SOUNDING LIKE A SERIAL KILLER

I dont know who's worse....eye-ball boy or the guy who smelled my hair

I really attract the winners, dont I?


DeepDiscountDvd.com is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale. All DVDs on that list are eligible (and only cost $8.97 a piece), not to mention they throw in free shipping.

Picked up a copy of Reign of Fire, Velvet Goldmine, and this  don't laugh. I'm a teenybopper
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