Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

calling all Rent fans!

It certainly wasn't Moulin Rouge or Phantom (2 very tough muscials to beat, IMO), but I definitely liked it very very much! 

  • the first 20 minutes was basically just me having a Rent-boner
  • How did Benny's Range Rover go from being in the middle of the street to perfectly parallel parked by the curb?
  • HAHAHA Rosario as a 19 y/o...psh
  • seriously, who doesnt like Angel?  especially in Today 4 U
  • sorry Idina fans...I can't stand Maureen
  • SPEEEEAK.   never. gets. old.
  • some parts were a little too...long? for me.  not that the acting was bad... probably just an editing department issue.  Just seemed like some scenes were meant to be cut shorter
  • let's please have a moment for Roger's dead-on Bon Jovi impersionation
  • damn Rosario was workin' it at the Cat Scratch Club!
  • oh that Mark is a silly bitch!  Anthony Rapp REALLY needs to calm himself
  • stand-out scenes for me: Rent (easily), One Song Glory, Today 4 U, Tango: Maureen, Out Tonight, Without You (if you didn't like this scene, you are made of stone), and La Vie Boheme
  • Rosario's ending was a little touch and go for me.  still not sure how I feel about it
  • the lights turned on 10 mins before the movie was over!!  WTF!

and I owe Elyse's friend (whose name escapes me at the moment...) 525,600 fruit baskets for getting me the limited edition Rent soundtrack with the Roger cover :D :D :D :D

somebody please confirm if they've stopped selling these.... I seriously called 5 different Best Buys and none of them had any limited edition covers

after Rent, went to see a bunch of people I hadn't seen in years, then tried on Mel's Ewan-esq emo glasses

well don't I look twice as geeky and half as cute.  mission accomplished!  YES

21 hours till I get in line for Black Friday sales!! 

If you are not aware of the term "Black Friday", please contact me immediately.

and on a closing note: the average Thanksgiving meal has 7,290 calories per serving!! so think twice before you ask for seconds ;D

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