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Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Her Majesty's Theater, Picadilly Theater, Guys & Dolls xmas party

Day 7.  a.k.a "my day to be sick"

well......it's no secret that I prefer Paris to London by a long shot.  :\   Leaving Paris, Joy and I stopped by a pastry shop and completely wiped them out.  We ended up buying so much food, they forgot to charge us for a few things!  girl's gotta be prepared for crappy London food :p

Getting to London was a giant pain in the derrière. I'll spare you the rant, but let's just say it involved breaking my back lugging around 3 bottles of wine, getting lost on the tube (subway), and trying to convince a woman that I was a student so I could get a discount on my bus ticket -_-

Baker Street
-remember the movie The Great Mouse Detective? :D

-Sent Joy, the drug expert :p, to the pharmacy to get some medicine for my bug. Then collapsed on my bed and woke up 7 hours later. Woke up feeling better and cursed at myself for wasting an entire day in London.

Headed out to Picadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square where I hoisted myself up to take pictures with a giant lion's ass.

me: *struggles to climb up*
Joy: *dies laughing* you look like a beached something
Joy: *tries to climb up after I get down* WENDY!!!!!! HELP ME UP *legs flail wildly in air*
Me: *push*
Joy: *FLAIL*
sides: *split from laughter*

these phonebooths reeked of urine :|

trying to sneak a peek at the family jewels ;)

the original Burberry store

Her Majesty's Theater!  and a Phantom bus that passed by! :D (we didn't see the show that day, but we went the next day!)

"bitch stole my name!"

Joy started to miss Paris a lot and decided to go back to the hotel. Elyse and I stopped by the Picadilly Theater to buy Guys & Dolls merchandise and met Kieran (Elyse's usher friend ;)) who got us tickets to a Christmas Party they were having for the Guys & Dolls people (!!!) We decided to wait for Kieran and his friend Zippi (who I later learned was in the original London cast of the Lion King!! :O!!) by the side door (where a thousand pictures of Ewan were taken! XD). You can see Elyse pointing to Zippi in the picture on the bottom right-hand side ;D  Jenna Russell came out and everybody applauded her, followed by a few other cast members.  Woody Harrelson was doing The Night of the Iguana down the street and we caught him walking past us.  Zippi later told us that he's getting a role upgrade to play Lieutenant Brannigan in Guys & Dolls! good for him :)

while we were waiting for Zippi and Kieran......

I pretended to be Ewan XD

infront of The Savoy (I can't remember why this building is important...)

Elyse, Kieran, Zippi and I headed to the "Guys and Dolls Xmas party" which didn't turn out to be what I thought it would......but it was still pretty fun :)  Eventually my medication started wearing off so we took a cab back to the hotel.  The End!

Stay tuned for Day 8! (the fangirliest day in history)
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