Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Eye of London, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Shakespeare's Globe Theater, St. Paul's Cathedral

got arrested :(     ..... JUST KIDDING ;D

with some British popos

damn those brits are straight-forward

how cute is their milk?? // chewable toothbrush o_0

Big Ben - pretty much looked the same as it does in pictures. big...phallic...clock

Westminster Abbey

big egg-shaped thing // Tower of London // more rain :(

mimicking Caeser

Butler's Warf // Tower Bridge

The Eye // moreLondon!

hehe nappy! // nothing better than ice cream on a cold day ;) // Joy - always Absolutely Starving :p

scoping out the Burns Night Supper menu

St. Paul's Cathedral // Shakespeare's Globe Theater

[VIDEOS] [YSI mirror]


* Joy almost getting us killed because she forgot which side of the road they drive on :p
* London Taxi ride
* Big Ben chiming
* Tower Bridge and the Thames River

and that marks the end of the London leg of our trip :) OFF TO SCOTLAND WE GO!
Tags: london, vacation
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