Wendy (ws0013) wrote,


Happy 1 year anniversary!  What's today the anniversary of?  [hint]

at this exact moment one year ago, Gerry officially killed me.  XD

How about a celebratory war?

Gerry pic courtesy of shatteringglass

This war holds a special place in my heart.  Why?  Because in the above Gerry picture, he is talking to none other than yours truly  ;D  (on ewanmesong's cell phone, I might add!)

In daylights?  In sunsets?  in...........silicone?

I just lost a few brain cells doing this war

My exact AIM away message from this time last year:

Elyse is at Craig Ferguson RIGHT NOW possibly meeting Gerry!!!!!

if i get a call from elyse and gerry's on the other end of the line...i will die happy  (:

and that I did.  literally  XD
Tags: ewan, ewan-gerry wars, gerry
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