Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

Annual tax-free shopping day!

Bought myself a Michael Kors leather jacket from the Saks off 5th.  <3  It's soft, like buttah

and a dress which sorta looks like this one:

except I need to grow a pair of bewbs  -_-

My doggy's 5th birthday :]

NBA playoffs

the new "Finals" floor:

me infront of the American Airlines Center

Birthday Celebrations!

The Birthday Girls

Happy hour at Steel (how very Sex and the City!)

more alkihol

The best drink EVER -- a pink monkey from Dave & Busters

me and my TNTea

at the Cheesecake Factory with thaigemini

arwensedai having a Little Mermaid moment with her fork

Last day of work :'(

At a going-away party with Ana

me and Julia

Dan the Man, Maggie, and my supervisor (the tiny little blonde woman on the bottom who reminds me of Kristin Chenoweth!! XD)

having a striped shirt moment with my bodyguards (they protect me from the creepy guy ;_;)

me and the boys + my supervisor and my boss  (guess which one's the creepy dude.  Hint: he looks like this, and insisted on sitting next to me -_-)

p.s. I'm moving to Reno!  August 30th.  Call me before then and we'll hang out!  :)

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