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San Diego/LA trip

I paid a grand total of $40 for this entire vacation.  Damn bellboys and their tips.  Everything else was expensed.  Hell yeah

Snakes on a Plane premiere was there that night.  w00t Sam Jackson!


with my cousin

the view from the balcony of our first hotel

the view from our second hotel (to the left: Hollywood sign, to the right: Kodak Theatre/Grauman's Chinese Theatre)

lol I'm such a geek

dinner at the Water Grill  (damn they gave you the smallest amount of food for the most amount of $$)

omg we won Oscars XD

 some weird guy who took my Oscar and started yelling "Thank you!  Thank you!  I WON!"

at the Hollywood and Highland shopping plaza

Robertson Blvd:

the Ivy.  We went to eat there...the food wasn't THAT great.  Don't know why celebs fuss over it

Kitson.  Paris/Nicole/Mischa/Lindsay shop here.  Maybe because a plain t-shirt costs $80 and the biggest size is a 6

Lisa Kline.  The store with the shades that slide down so papparazzi can't take pics of celebs inside o_o

Dinner at some diner place.  Right before we went to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels XD

Dirty Rotten pics...again :D

with Tom Hewitt (who plays Lawrence)

and my homeboy Norbert Leo Butz:

the reasoning behind the yellow smiley

a little something I bought at a souvenier shop for the Wicked fangirl in me

Celebrity Homes Tour.  Which SUCKED.  The last time I went with ewanmesong it was awesome.  They took us to the homes of Britney Spears, Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera, etc. This time, I didn't recognize ANY of the celeb's houses he took us to because they were either 1. Over 80 years old, or 2. Dead.  -_-  We got our money back though...

Outside the Actors Studio (haw haw)

The Pretty Woman fire escape!

lol Scientology

the Osbourne house

Playboy mansion.  Didn't see Hef :(

San Diego!

driving from San Diego to LA:

the view from our beach-side condo <3

mmm another expensed lunch

the beach

this dude wiped out right as I took the picture


the end!

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