Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

First post in....forever and a half

For those who care/are wondering, I'm still alive :P 

  • Started snowboarding!!  :D  The first time I went up, I sucked hardcore.  But!  much improvement when I went up the second time.  I can now do falling leaf :D   And holy crap...every muscle in my body was sore sore sore.  Apparently snowboarding for 5 hours burns about 2500 calories! @_@  yay!
  • Got a job.  at the mall.  = bad thing because now I spend waaaay too much money on clothes I never wear.  Half the stuff in my closet still has price tags on them.
  • Got a new laptop :D  now I can finally do more than 2 things at once and not have my computer die on me
  • Been playing poker with my roommates.  It's not exactly a chore staring at cute guys all night long trying to read their poker faces ;)  lol we played for a bag of weed :P
  • ummmmm.......yeah... went a little boy crazy in the month of November.  :P  It's weird...I went from having 6 guys to 0 guys.  I'm officially a loser :(   
  • Went to Tower Record's liquidation sale and got all 3 seasons of Newlyweds for $10!
  • Went home for Thanksgiving and had a ton of fun with Dallas people <3
  • Had dinner with Mel for the last time before her big move up to New York..  Lucky girl. 
  • Felt super old when I had to tell underage kids to STFU so we wouldn't get busted by the cops at KC's party and get in trouble for supplying minors with alcohol >_<
  • Black Friday was a complete mess.  No wonder everyone goes to Best Buy....Circuit City is so unorganized
  • Got my hair cut.  I asked for 3 inches off and she took off 6 instead :'(  I miss my long hair :'(  :'(  :'(
  • Joy came to visit me for 2 days :D  She got to meet some of my friends and snowboard a little bit

And to wrap up my day...woke up at 6:30am to the sound of my roommate puking in the bathroom.  Went in to check on him....found the bathroom stinking of pot, shit, puke, and alcohol.  yummy.  Went snowboarding at 7:30 till 4pm.  Went to my buddy Jimmy's graduation party from 4 till 6 where Andy proceeded to streak across the room in nothing but his tighty whities  (oh yeah, and ignore me.  bastard).  Then realized that I was supposed to work at 6....hauled ass to work and finally got off at midnight.  Yeah I'm about to die.  Oh, and not to mention I just got a text message from my friend Mark saying: "Snowboarding tomorrow?  Doug and I will help u".  How about not because I want to keep all my limbs and not be dragged down the mountain like a one-horse open fucking sleigh -_-;

</long boring post>

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