Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

def. need a more productive hobby...

Got a little carried away with the South Park Create-A-Character again...

Phantom (by Elyse) and rose (by me  :D)

Phantom as Red Death + Inspiration:

Dracula (left: by me, right: by Elyse)

as Andre Marek from Timeline.  Sexiest historian evar.

Jackie Jr. from Shooters.  His tats were such a pain in the ass to edit -__-

at the Tomb Raider premiere.  Me and Elyse have this theory....There's no possible way that a guy like Gerry (who's totally into the ladies) and Angelina Jolie (who could fucking convert half the female population into lesbians) didn't have sex.  Plus, wasn't she divorced from Billy Bob at the time anyway?

That's all folks!  More to come in the very near future  =P


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