Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

[mood:| hot. goddammit I hate Texas...]

my kitty was really sick yesterday  :(

So I stayed up all night tending to him.  As a result, now look like hell exploded on my face.  Did you know that cats can scream?  Yeah...I found that out at 4am...  But he's doing much better today.  A lot less barf, and he's a bit more active.  Still no purrs though :(

hokay you know what?  I hate Burger King.  Specifically the one by my house.  Why is it that they NEVER have the obi-wan toy??  I've eaten enough BK food to give the average person a mild heart attack and all I have to show for it is a stupid little hoodie guy.  (ok I take that back, I actually wanted the hoodie guy)

he's smaller than I thought he would be...and his eyes light up too!! hehehe it looks like Kenny...

excuse my nasty fingernail...I just had buffalo wings :p

and my new bangs...

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