Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

Charlotte Church singing Phantom of the Opera  (right click - save as)


my thoughts: 

1. she looks like Harry Potter
2. take that back.  she looks like Rachel Dratch parody-ing Harry Potter
3. Sarah Brightman is still the best.  No contest.
4. creepy old man singing to a 13 year old girl?  Holy statutory rape, Batman!

I keep getting these obnoxious pop-up ads (even though I already have a pretty awesome pop-up blocker) from ABI on my firefox...  I already ran my spyware program and my anti-virus... more specifically, they say "Aurora - brought to you by the ABI network and Buddy" on the header, and then a random ad inside the box.....

what the fuck is Aurora??  what the fuck is ABI??  AND WHAT THE FUCK IS BUDDY???

Tags: phantom, rant
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