Wendy (ws0013) wrote,


We all know Emily Mortimer was one lucky wee lass...getting to star opposite both Ewan and Gerry in Young Adam and Dear Frankie...but what about little Jack McElhone?  Let's not forget about him....

Enough sittin' on your gorgeous tushies...Carrying little boys can be hard work!

Watch Jack grow!  Grow Jack, grow!

I have established that Jack's IMDB profile is the best one ever.  No frills...just one Ewan movie, and one Gerry movie.  The boy has good taste  ;)

P.S. sorry this war is so mindless...  studying for the GMAT makes my medulla oblongada hurt.  Next one will be better.  I promise....
Tags: ewan, ewan-gerry wars, gerry
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