Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

update on the Paris/London/Scotland trip!!!!!! Dec. 15-30

Paris: 6 nights with ewanmesong and arwensedai
  • Our hotel is right by Montemarte!!
  • Gonna go see the real Moulin Rouge and the Opera Garnier (so much Moulin Rouge & Phantom love...I can barely contain myself)
  • Da Vinci Code tour?  Probably by myself as no one wants to come with :(   ....or maybe I'll just twirl my hair and get a cute Frenchie to join me ;D
  • Eat croissants till I look like Kirstie Alley.  ok that was harsh.  my apologies to the croissants.
  • Day trip to Versailles!!!!  SO EXCITED!!
  • Sex and the City Paris tour?  dunno if one exists....
  • shop till my shoes wear out.  Then shop for new pair of shoes
  • Eiffel Tour, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, blah blah blah
London: 5 nights with ewanmesong and arwensedai
  • Phantom at Her Majesty's Theater ♥
  • Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminister, Buckingham, London Bridge, etc
  • Abbey Road Studios (where they recorded Phantom..and some Beatles stuff)
  • Long Way 'Round headquarters :D
  • Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum?  depends on ticket prices....  don't think it'll be much different from the New York one...
  • Globe Theater
  • Chinatown!
  • shopping.  again.
Scotland: 2 very hectic nights with ewanmesong
  • Glasgow
  • Greenock - to visit all the places Dear Frankie was filmed at XD
  • Crieff - what would a trip to Scotland be without stopping by Ewan's little town??  (we promise we won't kiss the ground he once walked on, or fangirl our little hearts out.  </lies>)
  • Edinburgh
  • ALL IN TWO DAYS!!  yeah we're out of our minds
Tags: london, paris, scotland, vacation
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