Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

following in the footsteps of tinymoonstar

I decided to get a gmail account strictly to upload songs for ya'll so yousendit can stop kicking my ass

username: ws0013music
password: lalalaa

use the green "Labels" box on the left-hand side to navigate

so far I've uploaded the following:

Dear Frankie Soundtrack
Phantom Soundtrack + No One Would Listen
Cats (disc 1 is OLCR and disc 2 is OBCR.  don't ask)
Rent (OBCR)
Best of Broadway
Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack French PotO (ripped from the DVD so there's some background noise. watch out for the fireworks at the beginning of masquerade)
PotO instrumentals (filed under "Other PotO songs")
Spamalot OBC
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels OBC
Guys & Dolls OST (the Brando version, not Ewan :()
Mariah Carey #1's
and a few misc. songs

I'll add a few more tonight... And if you have something you want to request, now's the time to ask ;)

I think I pretty much have every showtune recording on the planet...

Edit: feel free to upload any songs you think I might be interested in. I just ask that you leave your name/lj username so I know who was kind enough to send me the song :)

Edit again: DANG Colin Farrell's brother Eammon looks EXACTLY like him!!

Tags: gmail, music, musicals
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