Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

If you think you can't help with Katrina because you live too far away/are broke/whatever [and I know they're good excuses, there're lot of reasons], please help Wikipedia consolidate lost/found people lists. They're trying to take all of the records out there and put them into a single searchable coherent database. They need people to type records up and submit them. That's all you have to do! So please go to the Katrina Help Wiki PeopleFinderVolunteer site and claim a chunk of records. I figure this is a good way for us AIM addicts to help...Lord knows we can type

Please sign up if you can. (literally took me only 10 minutes to complete one page) I claimed 90-95 here at weather.com.  Claim chunks 96-100 and we can be neighbors :)

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