Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

Hurricane Rita

well look at that....it's headed straight for me....   -_-

My mom called me, frantic, telling me to stock up on water, canned goods, and gas.  And since I'm a good girl, I listened to my mom.  <start rant>  Here are some numbers for you:
  • 30.  The number of minutes I waited in line at the gas station to fill up
  • 4.    The number of stores I went to before I could find one that wasn't stripped bare of all food/water/toilet paper.
  • 80.  The number of bottles of water in my garage
  • 12.  The number of gallon-jugs of water in my garage
  • 20.  The number of minutes I waited in line at Wal-Mart to buy said water.
  • 3.5  The number of hours it normally takes to drive from Houston to Dallas.
  • 30.  The number of hours it took my friend to drive from Houston to Dallas yesterday night (no joke)
  • 2.    The number of jammed highways to get from College Station to Dallas. (also the number of ALL available highways leading from College Station to Dallas)
  • 1.    The number of tests I have on Sunday. 
  • 3.    The number of Houston families seeking refuge at my house in Dallas
  • 6.    The number of people sleeping on the floor of my room.
Friday classes are officially canceled, and I think I'm the only one upset about this.  Apparently the President of our University thinks our football game against Texas State is more important than school, so he managed to move it up to tomorrow night....Thanks a lot dude...  I HAD a review session (for my Sunday test) scheduled on Friday.... I guess I'll just fail my test.  yippeeee

I hope I'm just building this all up in my head.....

EDIT: just got word that Rita is now a category 5 hurricane. A reminder that Katrina was also a category 5.......

now I'm scared and want to go home :(
Tags: rant
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