Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

  • I finally start not hating Shannon and they kill her off????  WTF
  • Can't WAIT to see what happened to the rest of the survivors next week!!!!!
  • Somebody play Walt's lines backwards!!  What did he saaaaaaay??
  • what the hell, Ana Lucia????  Bitch gonna pay for shooting Shannon :|   since when does little blonde girl prancing in the jungle = danger??
  • mood change: AHHAHAHA Boone's boy band hair
  • who the hell is Cindy??  who the hell cares about Cindy??
  • Get well soon, Sawyer :(   I miss your nicknames :(
  • Sabrina the middle-aged bitch.   What the eff is up her poonie??
  • Locke needs to straighten Charlie up again
  • HEE  Claire and Charlie play house ♥

p.s. this is cool:

Tags: lost
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