Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

upload a picture of yourself to MyHeritage.com to see which celebrity you most resemble!

apparently I'm a mix between Zhang Ziyi, Angelina Jolie (uh. I WISH), Barbara Stanwyck and Ava Gardner?  who's Barbara Stanwyck?  o_0

also for amusement purposes:

Ewan's wife, Eve, resembles Audrey Tautou  (this makes me so happy omg)
Adam -- Gary Oldman (wtf?) and EWAN! ♥♥♥
Gerry -- David Beckham (that's hot)

and the real mind-blower..

Ewan resembles.........Ewan :p  well! at least we know it's accurate

and one more for entertainment purposes: Anthony Rapp resembles Demi Moore


who do YOU look like?

EDIT: holy shit I just put my brother's pic in and it came up with Brad Pitt and Ewan!! I can not express in words how gross that is
Tags: adam, ewan, gerry, meme
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