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Le Louvre, Palais Royal, Les Halles

-started the day by waking up at 3am -_-
-sat in bed, read a book, took a shower, kept Joy up and twiddled my thumbs till 6am
-went outside to walk around & enjoy the Parisian atmosphere so Joy could sleep
-what would a day in Paris be without stopping by a Patisserie for breakfast?
-ate some baguettes, croissants, and sipped coffee. dang I'm so French :p
-went to a supermarket to buy some food for future meals. How is it that 6 giant baguettes cost me $1.50, but 4 slices of ham cost $7??
-stopped by the outdoor markets


-headed off to the Louvre without Joy. We agreed to meet up at 1pm infront of the Mona Lisa since someone's a lazy bum :p

-walked around Les Halles a bit

-accidentally found the Palais Royal & this cool lookin' fountain
-got lost and somehow ended up at the Opera Garnier....again... (that's 3 times so far for those counting...)

-found this funny statue thing but couldnt take a picture with it cause no one was around to help me :(

-went back later with Joy & Elyse to get pictures :D (hmm these remind me of King Kong... o_0)

[Louvre video]

-finally found it!!! [cue angelic music] Joy couldn't figure out where the Louvre was when she was inside the actual Louvre *face. palm.*
-[video of the inside]

get ready! here come the pictuuuuures

-Cour Marly & Cour Puget (indoor sculpture gardens)

-Aphrodite (aka Venus de Milo)

1. Sphinx  2. Model of the first royal "Castle of the Louvre"

-Tomb of Philippe Pot (some important guy?)

-The Winged Victory of Samothrace

-some artistic shots

-Psyche and Cupid

-on our way to Napoleon's apartments! [video]
-we took video on Joy's camera MTV Cribs style, but they got erased by some idiot at the photo center :( so all that's left is this boring [video]

Napoleon's Crib (friggin PIMP):

1. hallway   2. living room   3. dining room   4. Josephine's make-up table

-where the magic happens ;)

-videotaping & photography weren't allowed in the Denon Wing (home of the Mona Lisa & some of the more famous paintings), but you know me...I always find a way ;)

for the Leonardo Da Vinci/Da Vinci Code fans:

-[illegal Mona Lisa video]
-[illegal Virgin on the Rocks video]

shh keep it hush hush ;x

-a cute little vase
-Joy left early since she felt sick :(

-view of Pair-ee

-the pyramid all lit up

-stopped by a Patisserie on my way home to pick up Napoleons, Triple Layer Raspberry cakes, and Eclairs to make Joy feel better :]

this is what happens when rich French boys arent around to pay for dinner :p
Tags: cool pictures, paris, picspam, vacation
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