Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

me and my umbrella sword @ the Château de Versailles

-took a train ride all the way to Versailles only to find out it's CLOSED on Mondays *GIANT FACEPALM*

-walked around the King's garden [humorous video] (holy Jesus it's HUGE)

-check out the freaky frog fountain

-panoramic view of the Château de Versailles

-got tired of dragging Joy's sick butt around Versailles so she went back to the hotel and I decided to check out the Musee d'Orsay. FYI - it's also closed on Mondays WTF

-trekked back to the Louvre again to see La Pyramide Inversée (really need to suppress the Da Vinci Code nerd in me) [video]
-went back to the hotel to wait for Eric to pick us up for dinner

[video of Champs-Elysees at night & crazy Parisian driving]
(you can also catch a bit of Eric's weird French accent)

-went to fancy restaurant (Le Congress)
-met Eric's parents...which was interesting. His parients only speak Mandarin (with a French accent), Cantonese, and French. No English. Between my Americanized Mandarin and Joy's limited knowledge of French & Canto, we managed to piece together a few conversations. I have never worked so hard at making small talk -_-

-They ordered us the "seafood appetizer" which consisted of the following (all raw and still very much alive):

mini conch shell creatures
baby shrimp
and more snails.
+ some raw beef tar tar stuff

I was poppin' pepto bismols faster than you can say GERRY BUTLER MAKE A BABY IN ME

-Dinner ended up costing over nearly 600 euros (over $750 jesus christ). I can't even think that high didn't even think about offering to pay this time -_-

-went back to Eric's house for drinks and it was ridiculously foggy since his house is at higher elevation.

-watched old school King Kong (which went waaaay over my head since it was dubbed in French) and talked till 4am @_@

-finally got back to the hotel and wondered how the heck we were gonna get up by 8am the next day to hit the catacombs and meet up with ewanmesong...
Tags: cool pictures, paris, picspam, vacation
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