Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

anyone else have major deja vu watching this year's Golden Globes?

Reese Witherspoon must have been channeling Kirsten Dunst circa 2003

Sarah Jessica and Mandy Moore wore very similar dresses this year...

yah...that's unfortunate :\

some other similar dresses:

Scarlett & Thora Birch: owners of the real Golden Globes ifyougetmydrift

Emmy's looks like the lovechild of Halle and Laura Linney's dresses:


Evangeline Lilly, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba

Marcia Cross, Nicolette Sheridan,

Penelope Cruz is the poor man's Catherine Zeta

damn you Natalie for being so pretty  :(

Debra Messing & Geena Davis


Felicity Huffman - just get back from a shotgun wedding?

Charlize Theron - can I please trade legs with her

Anne Hathaway - check out the Getty typo

two of my favorite girls: Cynthia Nixon & Emily Mortimer - double sad face :(

Keira Knightly - is she wearing curtain tassels???

Michelle Williams: her + Heath = cutest couple ever.  her + this dress = vomit

Rachel Weisz - is there another dress growing between her boobs?

and Sandra Oh has a pair of wings growing in her pits?

Rosario Dawson - oh my dear Rosie.....I hate this dress, but I still love you

Zhang Ziyi - it's like staring at the SUN @_@

Heidi Klum ....is wearing a leash..?

Best Dressed Man: eh..they all look the same.  especially since none of my mens were there :(

Worst Dressed Man: Adrien Brody

you look like an asshat, Adrien.  Put on a tie.

Best Dressed Woman: Eva Longoria

Worst Dressed Woman:  Tie - Alanis Morrisette (aka Hilary Duff on crack...smack....whatever drug she's not doing) and Mama Paltrow

Tags: fashion, picspam
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