Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

Phantom's coming to Dallas!!!!!! YEEHAWWW   I will officially have seen Phantom 9 times @_@

anybody going can look for me at the:

Thursday April 13th - evening show
Saturday April 15th - matinee

All hopes of catching Gary & Beth Mauer as Phantom and Christine have now been crushed :(   Their last performance is going to be on April 6th (*cry*)  I've always wanted to see a married couple in the roles...think of the chemistry!!!!!!

Also, learned today that the RENT world tour will be in Shanghai when my dad will be there on business!!!  oh woe is me...why are my finals during that week :(   Thought I'm not sure if I want to send my dad to a musical about gay guys (dad's very conservative...), dildos, masturbation, contracting AIDS, etc.
Tags: musicals, phantom, rent
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