Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

The following is spoiler free:

Just got back from seeing "the gay cowboy movie" aka Brokeback Mountain.  I have to say...I was shocked to discover it was even playing in our little conservative town.  But then about an hour into the movie, I found out why.  Since half the movie is set in Texas, they make a reference to the "aggies" of Texas A&M   XD 
The blonde Texan chatterbox also mentioned she was a Tri Delt at SMU (FYI to anyone who's already seen the movie, all the Tri Delts I know from SMU are exactly like that)   I lol'd really hard :p

Overall, fantastic movie.  I cried (during parts I wasn't expecting to cry at), laughed, and finally saw Michelle Williams as someone other than Jen from Dawson's Creek. All the Heath scenes brought me back to my teenage fangirl crush days ♥

Ending on a generous note:  Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack :)
Tags: movies
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