Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

Long Way 'Round headquarters, Abbey Road, Phantom!

commence fangirling!

What's a trip to London without a visit to the Long Way 'Round headquarters, eh?

a regression of the duct tape starting line:

the beginning of Ewan and Charley's journey

June 2005

December 2005 (with my foot for comparison's sake)

almost all gone :(

but! not to worry, for I did not steal any tape ;)  we ended up getting a better treat! ;D


As Elyse and I were fangirling outside the building, a group of people walked out (it got turned into a school of some sort), so we pretended to be minding our own business :p  All of them left except for a woman who went back inside. We were almost about to leave when I thought..WHAT THE HELL! HOW OFTEN AM I IN LONDON?? *rings doorbell* balls to the wall!  The woman answered, and of course, we asked if we could take a peek inside.  She was a bit reluctant to let in two strange American girls when she was all alone in the building, but after explaining that Long Way 'Round used to be filmed there (she was puzzled at why there were always people outside taking pictures! LOL!!) and convincing her that we weren't axe murderers, she was nice enough to let us in!! XD

ringing the doorbell! (look what's next to it! XD)


caps from the videos!:

still on our LWR high, we pranced over to Abbey Road

The Abbey Road Studios message wall! (+ the little doodle I left them)

me being The Beatles :D

The rest of the day was spent watching Phantom at Her Majesty's Theater ♥  Earl Carpenter has a great Phantom voice. A bit rough, like Gerry ^^, but strong.  Just how I like 'em ;)   The rest of the cast, in my opinion, gave mediocre performances. None of them projected very well :\  Rachel Barrel (Christine) could hit the high notes, but that was about the only time I could actually hear her. The rest of the time her singing sounded like she was choking on something -_-. David Shannon's (Raoul) acting was laughable. Was I watching All I Ask of You...or William Shatner on a bad soap opera? His voice is an exact clone of Patrick Wilson's though! For the first 20 minutes I thought it really was Patrick. And then there's Carlotta. Minnie Driver's Carlotta is untouchable (even though it wasn't really her singing :() Andrew Lloyd Webber should look into adding humor to Stage-Carlotta's lines.

Look for bootleg pics/vids in the next post ;)
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