Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

Phantom of the Opera - London 12/23/05

Disclaimer on pictures/videos

1. Please do not re-post any photos or re-distribute any videos from this entry.
2. Videos were taken with a point-and-shoot camera without zoom.  Translation? they're dark as hell and crap quality
3. Our seats were literally in the very last row, therefore the actors are iiiiiiiiiitty bitty, if even visible.  All videos are also blind-shot.  My apologies in advance if I suck at aiming.
4. Sound is muffled in a few parts.  This is due to me being a loser and not knowing where my mic is.  which leads me to #5...
5. Music of the Night has a hint of Darth Vader in it.  you'll see what I mean.......
6. I have ADD.  ok not really....but I have problems staying quiet :P

let's get this show on the road!



Phantom: Earl Carpenter just found out we didn't see Earl after all :( it was Matthew Cammelle instead :\  ah well..still a great show :]
Christine: Rachel Barrell
Raoul: David Shannon
Tags: london, musicals, phantom, vacation
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