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Aida mini review

Adding this to my list of musicals that I love. ♥  Went to the first performance of Aida with a couple friends today...and let's just say you could definitely tell it was the first show.  (There were a few kinks, and a couple of the actors sounded nervous.)  We went to find our seats in the balcony, but since we got there a bit early, I decided to go down and check out the orchestra.  Trying to sneak a peek at the sheet music, I got to talking to the keyboard player.  When the show was about to start, he invited us to sit in the 2nd row as his guests since his parents couldnt make it to the show  me:   o_o ...OMGOK  I could literally see their sweat!  At one point I saw one of the actresses lose a fake eyelash XD 

Stephanie Dew (Amneris) did a fairly good job, but she hit a few sour notes at the beginning (my guess: nerves kicked in) but after a while she got into the swing of things and all was restored in the Aidaland.  Nella Mupier (Aida) was ah-may-zing.  Girlfriend could totally make it on Broadway.  Radames......oh this was a tough one to swallow.  It's never easy being compared to the original Adam Pascal Radames :\   If anybody out there has listened to the New York Theater Workshop recording of Rent...the guy who played my Radames ironically sounded a lot like the NYTW Roger (and I don't mean that in a good way).  Half-way through his solo I was contemplating turning my ipod on and just listening to Adam!Radames while watching NYTWRoger!Radames.  One thing I did like about this Radames was that he's a lot more physical than Adam was  >:D  always touchy touchy.  When it got time to sing Elaborate Lives, they were practically two feet away from me and oh how I wished it was Adam instead of NYTWRoger!Radames :(   After watching the original Broadway cast of Aida do their thing, I think I seriously would have passed out at the sight of Adam having song sex with Aida within reaching distance *wibble*     scratch that.  I would have just passed out at the sight of Adam within reaching distance. period.

I ended up coming out with one boot.  Was too busy enjoying the show the rest of the time XP 

Every Story Is A Love Story/Fortune Favors the Brave

please do not distribute without my permission


and if anyone has an audio/video boot of Aida with Idina Menzel and Adam Pascal, I'll trade ya :D
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