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Fashion in 15

we'll make this a "highlights" fashion recap since I'm on a tight schedule ;)

Reese Witherspoon
here's my theory. If you're nominated for a best actress oscar, you get a couture dress. This looks like something I could find in the reject prom dresses section of JC Penny's. And stay away from the A-line, Reese. It makes you look squatty :\

Jennifer Aniston
was this something she'd been keeping in the back of her closet since Brad dumped her? :x

Hilary Swank
you know there's something wrong when your head is the widest part of your body

Keira Knightly
A few things about Keira. The top of the dress would have been better without the one shoulder look. It's played out and sooo 2001. She shouldn't have worn such a bold necklace with that neckline either. And while we're at it, did my 3 year old cousin make her necklace with a My First Bead Jewelry kit? Final thought...from the chest to the knees, thumbs up. From the knees down, it's too much.

Uma Thurman
Thank God she didn't wear her milk maid dress again

Jessica Alba
the hair give her a five-head :x, but the dress is pretty

Michelle Williams
*insert obligatory Big Bird comment here*

*aaaand insert obligatory tree comment here*

Naomi Watts holy hell. did King Kong use her dress as an ass rag before she put it on?

Best Dressed Couple: Will & Jada

Best Dressed Man: GERRY! ♥

Best Dressed Woman: Nicole Kidman
- damn, she looks regal

Worst Dressed Men these guys..whoever they are

Worst Dressed Woman: Charlize Theron
- there are no words to describe this catastrophe

Honorable Mention:
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