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Spring Break 06 is officially over :(  Spent the entire time:

  1. fixing up my trade list - which has grown exponentially @_@
  2. in shock after my parents offered to pay for an apartment in NYC.  If I make a good living later on in life, I pay them back without any interest.  If I don't succeed, I don't have to pay them back, but I live with the guilt.  .......................
  3. trying to compose a song on the piano, only to find out it sounds like every song I've learned how to play rolled together
  4. falling SO MUCH in love with Beauty and the Beast (the stage show) + Susan Egan, Gary Beach, and Burke Moses
  5. learning how to make beef jerky.  this resulted in me puffing up like a blowfish after retaining massive amounts of water from eating too many reject batches
  6. watched On A Clear Day.  Scotland makes the most charming movies.  period.
  7. went to see the cast of One Tree Hill at the mall & consequently got my eardrums shattered by tweens.  The little teeny-boppers were fighting over these dinky shirts being thrown into the crowd.  Somehow, I managed just stick my hand out and accidentally catch one.  The girls behind me were not happy
  8. Any Tyler Hilton fans?  (Yes, he's the kid who played Elvis in Walk the Line)  I got videos of him performing a few songs @ the mall appearance for those interested.  (note: you may be deafened by screaming teenage girls.  We were pretty close though, so Tyler might have been loud enough to drown them out)
  9. They started playing Phantom commercials on TV & the radio XD   26 days!!!  Does anybody have solid info on who's going to be taking over after Gary and Beth leave??
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