Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

One Tree Hill @ Stonebriar

Some of the actors from One Tree Hill were in Dallas this past Sunday.  thaigemini and I decided to go check them out

so...I can't really claim to know a lot about One Tree Hill, but I figured I should share these with people who'd appreciate them :)

Sophia called Danneel Harris to wish her a happy birthday. She put Danneel on speaker phone for a few seconds so she could thank the crowd for singing Happy Birthday to her

the picture on the right is of Tyler kissing Sophia, but I fail at life and wasn't fast enough :(

Video 1- cast entrance
Video 2 - Introduction from Tyler
Video 3 - Tyler performing "How Love Should Be"
Video 4 - Tyler performing "Glad"
Video 5 - Tyler performing "Pink and Black"
Video 6 -
Tyler performing "Missing You" (missing middle 20 seconds of the song)
Video 7 - 3 second clip of Tyler, Sophia + the audience singing Happy Birthday to Danneel

(FYI - MegaUpload will only let you download one file at a time)

Please do not re-distribute these videos without my permission
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