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I finally understand the phenomenon that is Wicked

Glinda's "I know.  That's what makes me so nice :)"  never fails to crack me up.  and neither does this icon by stine622:

Friends List exclusive:  Wicked San Fran workshop boot

is it true they're going to make it into a movie???   And does anyone have the icon that says "M|U|S|I|C|A|L|S - my antidrug"?  or the one that has Kristin whispering into Idina's ear that morphs into the cartoon of Glinda whispering into Elphie's ear?  I know dru_it had it for a while, but now I cant find it :'(

The test I took Wednesday that I studied for (maybe) 20 minutes...I finished the test thinking I made a C, but instead made a 98. 90 freaking 8! the highest grade in the class XD class average was a 61. so this is what it feels like to be the curve-setter. huh. excuse me while I weep openly

Happy Birthday to my daddy! He's turning 50 today @_@
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