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Emmy is an idiot

some questions she answered for her fansite:

What is the highest note you can sing?
High F

no honey...you couldn't hit the high E in phantom, therefore you can't hit the high F

If you were going to be in an opera, what would your dream role be?
I would be most excited to play Musetta in Carmen. I have loved the
aria Quando Men Vo since I was 7 at the Met. 
In the aria Quando Men Vo, Musetta is addressing her
ex-boyfriend, who she sees out at a busy café.

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............Quando Men Vo is a song from La Boheme.  That scene is from La Boheme.  Musetta is a character from LA BOHEME.   not Carmen.   Even operatically challanged idiots like myself could tell you that.  Excuse me while I used my *facepalm* icon

source: ohnotheydidnt

Tags: emmy bashing
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