Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

Nisa's Drunk Day!

Having a Karen Walker moment

mmm alcohoooool

with the birthday girl (thaigemini)

LOL my favorite picture of the night

getting ready to do a yager bomb

bottom's up!  (and yes, I did win *grin*)

off guard

my hair looks really big o_0

me, Nisa, Mel (+ Joy taking the picture = rice patty gang)

tequila shots

the cake sitting on a massive pile of Jello shots

every year, nisa....I get you every year...  :)

the birthday girl getting a booty dance.  She got a lap dance too, but those pictures are for black mail :)


Drunk/Homoerotic Twister! 

my head on Dave Thomas' ass (haha Wendy & Dave Thomas...get it? I'm funny)

and here's where it gets bad....

and a striptease from Shane:

ETA: YAY going to see Les Mis on June 23!  XD

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