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I got your care package yesterday, reveuse47! :D Made me feel all sorts of better on my crummy day *hugs and kisses*

I've never had a problem with going to the dentist until yesterday... Had the usual -- fillings. My dentist was booked, so I ended up with a different guy...with the same last name (son?). Either way, he was the WORST dentist I've ever had. After kinda-sorta numbing me with the gel-y stuff, he gave me 3 shots of novocaine for my 3 cavities and started drilling. Apparently it wasn't enough to numb me because I started flailing in the chair due to the pain. So he gives me 6 more shots (2 more on each tooth) of novocaine (for those keeping count, that's 9 so far). Then he starts drilling again. Still feelin' it. So he decides to "let it set in" and leaves to watch the World Cup (WTF????). I'm sitting in the chair with my mouth clamped open, getting a migraine from my jaw being stretched out, and this guy's in the back cheering on his soccer team?? So I scream...more like yell...at this guy to come finish what he started. I've never expressed such anger in public before, but come on. He finishes up the filling on the right-side of my mouth and moves on to the left-side. By now, the novocaine he shot into the left side had already started to wear off...and once again I am in pain. 4 more shots. Still nothing...4 MORE shots. By now, I've had 17 EFFING SHOTS OF NOVOCAINE, K? My left arm started to go numb, but I could still feel him drilling on my teeth. I'm convinced that he stuck me in the wrong place -_- I decide to give up and just take it like a man. By the time I got done I had tears in my eyes from the pain, it hurt to close my mouth, and both my arms were limp from squeezing the armrests. Oh, and not to mention all my teeth were hurting because my cavities were all between my teeth, so he had to hammer in a steel wedge in there to reach them. Both my cheeks are swollen today and my gums hurt from all the needle poking :(

Is there a lawsuit in this? >:(

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