Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

still here!

only 1 July post so far...that's pretty darn sad.  An update on the past month (or so...)

  • Seen Les Misérables  (holy crap that is one long musical)
  • Watched The Devil Wears Prada (<3) and a midnight showing of Pirates
  • Sat behind a strange little girl who cheered for anything and everything during said midnight showing.
  • Celebrated my 21st birthday 12 times *cue hangovers*
  • Experienced foods from all cultures of the world including American, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, French, Indian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Brazilian, German, and Thai.  yum yum
  • Eaten so many birthday lunches/dinners that my pants now hate me :(
  • Taken my doggie to the groomers…she now looks like an itty bitty husky heeheee
  • Gone shopping way too much
  • had to fend off a creepy guy from work (if he's reading this, please leave me alone...not interested.  In fact, I'm a lesbian, k?).  He seriously reminds me of the guy from Sweeney Todd  *shudder*
  • Started to watch Monk.  Good to finally find a show up to my standards while Lost is on summer hiatus
  • Missed a regional performance of Guys & Dolls :(
  • Turned down an offer to go to Italy next month.  Ya...I know I'm crazy, but um..I'm scared of the heat :\
  • Spent all summer goofing off with the guys at work.  It's a miracle they haven't fired me yet. 
  • Bought a dress.  ....this is a BIG deal to me.  I haven't worn a dress since the 6th grade (and that doesn't even count because it was a skirt).  Now I just need to buy some shoes and boobs to go with it
  • Discovered a place in downtown that has free sushi on Wednesdays (and it's GOOD) during happy hour.  Free sushi does indeed make me happy  =)
  • Moulin Rouge! being made into a stage musical???  Is it true???  Ewan and Nicole are reprising their roles???     ?????   *SPAZ*

and a bit of randomness...my supervisor reminds me of Kristin Chenoweth  XD

so what's been happenin' with everyone else?

p.s. will be going picture happy tomorrow :D

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