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Great big stuff!

I went to California on a whim.  More on that later.

My cousin and I spent 3 days in SD and then drove up to LA for 3 days.  I find out that Wicked is playing in Orange County, and the thought of seeing Wicked turns me into a giddy fangirl.  I even went online to look for tickets and found 2 available (albeit they were WAY above face value and WAAAAY in the back)...to make a long story short, I didn't get the tickets  *sob*  and I sulked around all morning.  Well here's the silver lining:  I ended up going to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels instead!  OMG both Norbert Leo Butz and Laura Marie Duncan were there to reprise their Broadway roles, AND I SAT IN THE SECOND ROW! 


If you don't know who Norbert is, he's the guy from Rent, Cabaret, the original broadway cast of Wicked, and he won the Best Actor Tony for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels last year  :D :D :D :D :D

Yes, I smiley-faced myself out because I looked like I just smelled fart or something.  Norbert is a tiny tiny little man (he looked like he was 5'5 maybe?) and I wore heels, making me 5'10.  Squatting down makes my face look hideodious, so you get the yellow blob instead

me and Tom Hewitt (he plays Lawrence, the other Scoundrel :P)

Laura never came out so I didn't get a picture with her :(

My playbill that Norbert signed.  There was a huge Wicked ad next to his name too!

We sat in our designated 3rd row seats for the first half, then moved up to a pair of empty seats in the second row for the last act.  I was also at a strange angle, so I saw some things you weren't supposed to be seeing.   Norbert stripping down to his tighty whities behind closed doors during a musical number?  waaay more than I wanted to see of him  x_x

For those who have never seen the show, at one point an actor dressed as an usher runs down the aisle and starts singing, then she's supposed to shine her flashlight at someone in the audience.  Guess who that someone was! :D  *points at self*  I actually think she was aiming for the guy behind me, but she got me right in the eyes instead.  And during Great Big Stuff, Norbert did his pelvic thrusts and pointed at me (omg faint).  My cousin was like "OMG HE'S POINTING AT YOU!!  YOU!!".  Our seats were also conveniently located in the aisle too, so I kinda stuck out a little  :P

Norbert came out literally 2 minutes after the show ended to sign autographs and take pictures.  We had a fun little conversation...

Me: Can I get a picture with you?
Norbert: Sure!  *puts his arm around me*
Me: *puts arm around him*  *realizes he's still sweaty and smells a little funky*  *secretly EWWWW to myself*  *smile for the camera, only to have the picture turn out looking like horse hockey*
Norbert: WOAH!  That is a COOL camera!
Me: Thanks!
Norbert: What kinda is it?  *takes my camera and looks for the brand*  oooh it's a Sony blahblahblah (I honestly couldn't tell you what camera I have).
Me: lol  yeah, I love it 'cause it's small enough that  you can take it everywhere and it fits nicely in your pocket
Norbert: Sony should pay you commission 'cause I'm definitely getting one of these puppies now!
Me: *realizes Tom [Hewlitt] is standing behind me*  Tom, could I get a picture with you?
Tom: Of course!
Me: *tries to take the camera from Norbert*  uhhhh...
Norbert: I'll take it.  *takes our picture and FINALLY gives me my camera back*
Me: Thank you! 
Norbert: *says something to me that I can't recall, then leaves to take a shower...cause DAMN.  As much as I <3 him...he needed one.*

The show was hilarious, and Norbert showed everyone why he deserved to win his Tony.  I started freaking out when I found out he was going to be in the show, and my cousin just didn't understand.  I kept trying to explain it to her, but she continued to think I was just crazy.  By the time it was intermission she turned to me and went "oh my gosh, I LOVE him!"  XD

DRS was definitely the highlight of my trip.  I didn't get to see Wicked, but I did get to meet an original Wicked cast member :)   YAY FIYEROOO

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