Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

I've been watching the Food Network and Disney channel nonstop.  Why?  Because they don't show the Grudge 2 trailer :'(

Now I know entirely too much about Raven Simone and corn

I have two Halloween parties, one on Friday (a friend's) and one on Saturday (mine).  I wasn't expecting to have another party to worry about, but now I only have one costume.  Would it be totally uncool to re-wear the same costume to both parties?  A group of my friends will be attending both, so they'll all witness the fashion no-no, but there will be friends at the Friday party who won't be attending the Saturday party (and vice-versa).  So I'd like to wear my costume twice because it's hysterical and everybody really needs to see it ;P   What's a girl to do??  :(

</halloween dilemma>  <halloween!patrick icon>

HOORAY, it's finally Friday!  I submitted my first secret to broadwaysecrets!   After this week's seekrits are posted, you can try to guess which one's mine XD

Happy Superstition Day!  :D
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