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Doug, Jodi, and Ryan J. as Mexicans and a Border Patrol Officer
lol look at Jodi's badge

lol Mexicans drinking Coronas

hopping the border makes you hungry


Mark as the "atomic wedgie"

ewwwwww skid marks!!!

arrival of Teh white trash Wendy!  Blonde is so not my color

P.S. Ryan is my baby's daddy

wtf Doug?  get off the teet

you know you're jealous of my Bike sneakers  (yeah...that's J.Lo =P)

Mark getting grabby

guess he likes the ka-dunka-dunk more :(

Jodi, me, and Tammy (isn't she ridiculously gorgeous?)

Princess Fiona and Donkey!  Shrek was passed out lol

Donkey asked to see my boobs....my real boobs  -_-


mmmmmm braaaaaiiinsssss

Shawn and Jen as the Priest and the Altar Boy

the Altar Boy's bum after her butt raping

gettin' frisky

lol not really ;)

the Altar Boy loses her wig

someone's a little druuuunk!

Ryan C as a motorcross bunny?  Poor guy was sweating bullets

the two Ryans


this guy was a perv too -_-

Donkey and........herpes? 

close your legs, Velma

Mr and Mrs. Trailer Trash

last picture of the night.  Yeah, I'm aware that I look like hell =P

first one to pass out!

Doug trying on my ta-tas

the wigs are off!

remind me to never dye my hair blonde.  or lose any teeth. 

to regain my diginity....here are some normal pictures  =P

the Birthday Boy!

LOL I don't even wanna know

Brad, me, Carolyn, and Chris

Brad being retarded

Jen and Shawn (aka the Priest and the Altar Boy)

Brad and me

the boys

the girls

whew!  that was a big post!

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