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Since I've been in hibernation all year, a photo montage of my 2008 =)

January: Building Frosty

February: Snowboarding in Vail, Colorado


March: I became REALLY Chinese

April: Bachelorette party season!


June: Cruising Alaska


July: Backpacking Paris


August: Backpacking Italy


September: There's no place like Texas! (and Texas sized burritos!)


October: Raineesha demands you enjoy Halloween!


November: Events Events Events!  Obama Rally/Carrie Underwood/Kanye West/Rihanna Concerts/So You Think You Can Dance/Chris Rock/Wayne Brady/Kathy Griffin...  What a bizarre combination!


December: Pub crawling with Santas


Beloved f-list, how was your 2008???

Tags: boarding, cool pictures, paris, vacation
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