Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

the long awaited...purse collection!

yaaayy..my 8 oclock class got cancelled  =) 

this means I have time to finally post my handbag/wallet collection.  Not for the faint of heart....


some of these pictures were taken at different times, so the bags may repeat...

(clockwise from L): LV speedy, LV sac shopping, Vera Bradley, LV epi St.Jacques, lilac Fendi, LV mandarin epi cles, LV key ring, LV cles, Dior saddle bag, Cartier, Dooney & Burke, LV pochette, Fendi mama baguette

LV monogram canvas currently in my closet (the flash made the leather look all funky & dirty   =\)

(L to R): Speedy 30, Pochette Cles (old & new), suitcase, Pochette, Porte-Tresor International, Speedy 25, Demi Ronde medium, Demi Ronde large. 

LV black epi pochette

(from top to bottom) dustbag..., old pochette cles, new pochette cles, white multicolor cles

No-name bags...I just thought they were cute for the summer  =P

Ignore the numbers....this picture was taken a while ago.  Some of the purses in this pictures are repeats.  some are not...if you're smart, you'll figure it out ;)

LV babylone.  This is the one I bought for $84, and sold for $310 


LV damier french purse wallet + pochette cles

 My one and only Coach...



The End.  Now you know why they call me the bag lady.....

Retail value of just my authentic designer purses: $14,305. Damn...I hope my apartment doesn't get robbed anytime soon.....

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