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I'm so fucking pissed at ebay.  This con artist of a seller strung me along for 30 days, convincing me that the package kept getting returned to him because of my address.  I actually believed him, because I was having the same problem with a different seller.  So after 30 days, he stops replying to my emails, and now that I look at his feedback, there's a TON of negatives starting from late October.  So I figured I would file a paypal fraud claim.  Everything goes smoothly...until...the final step, I get a message that says "Your claim cannot be proccessed".  Why?  Because you have only 30 days to file a fraud claim.  I didn't know this since I've never had to file one before.... fucker.

Elyse, Mel, Mary, & Co. got to see a screening of the new Phantom of the Opera movie...then Elyse sent me the soundtrack...oh...my...GOD....I AM IN LOOOOOOVE!!   Why do I have to wait till 2005 to see it?????  Damn you LA people for getting to see it early   =(   GO BUY THE SOUNDTRACK!!  IT'S SO GOOD!!  And Emmy Rossum is AMAZING!!  She's been performing at the Met since she was 7!!  And she was only 16 when they filmed the movie!!  her voice is....woooow.  If you're still not convinced, go see it for Gerard Butler.  Apparently he'll make you melt in your seat  ;)

Bad reviews for Bridget Jones 2.  That makes me sad...especially since the first one is one of my top 5 favorite movies  =(  

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