Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

anyone else watch the Real Gilligan's Island?  I just happened to catch it after Sex and the City was over..... oh my god I hate the entire green team.  Especially the millionaire's wife.  Jesus christ what the fuck is up her ass??  That bitch is just pure evil.  Everything that's come out of her mouth is offensive.  She makes Omarosa look like a good person.  Oh god...and the green team's Gilligan...looks like he has downs syndrome. 

But then again, the gold team's Gilligan & Mary Ann look like they stepped straight out of an Abercrombie catalogue.  How is it possible that I love the entire gold team, and hate hate hate the green team...with the exception of their Skipper.  You should watch...just the first episode, then you'll know what I'm rambling about.  And you'll come back and be like "DAMN WENDY YOU WERE RIGHT.  THAT WOMAN REALLY IS ACHILD OF SATAN"

and uh..for those of you who aren't Gilligan's Island fans...

(left to right): Gilligan, Skipper (also the Captain, I'm assuming?), the Millionaire, millionaire's wife, Ginger, the Professor, & Mary Ann

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