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GG 2005

The Good...


Eva Longora from Desperate Housewives - totally reminded me of Sarah Jessica's Chanel, except Eva's is Oscar de la Renta

Cate Blanchett - I think someone is stepping on her dress in this picture.  the color is so pretty...plus I love long trains  =)

Jennifer Garner - hehe this dress reminds me of Nicole's Moulin Rouge dress  =D

Teri Hatcher - so...silver

Renee - I think some of Jack White's pastiness is starting to rub off on her.  but I looooove her shoes

Nicole - I didn't like this dress at first..it kinda reminded me of a peacock...but the more I look at it, the more I like it

Mischa Barton - I think this is the first time I've liked something she wore

Minnie Driver - Minnie is awesome.  Don't hate


Kate Winslet - she's so cool...


The "OK"...


Uma Thurman - is she getting married..?

Scarlett Johansson - she likes to do "old hollywood" but not one of my favorites

Portia de Rossi - too simple

Maria Shriver & the governator - it looks like Emmy Rossum's dress (see bottom of the page) on crack

Kate Hudson - what's with the hole?

Hilary Swank - looked much better on TV.  I still think she looks like Matt Damon in a dress

Halle Berry - woah she was like thisclose to falling out of her dress.  hate the ruffles. ew.

Claire Danes - the top looks too casual to me

Debra Messing - her hair and makeup were perfect.  Maybe pick a better dress next time?

Charlize Theron - looks like Nicole's dress minus the peacock feather.  I hate her hair


The Ugly


Glen Close

Joely Richardson - the dress isn't too bad...she just looks so uncomfortable in it

Diane Keaton - wtf

Ashley Judd - now I remember why I hate her

Anjelica Huston - hellooo Morticia Addams

Paula Abdul - does she ever get it right?  the bottom looks like it went through a shredder and the top looks way too tight

Natalie Portman - if you have a teeny tiny waist...define it.  don't hide it under my grandpa's wife-beater

Megan Mullaly - she looked hung over


Worst Dressed Man - Johnny Depp

Best Dressed Man/Men - if you couldn't see this coming...you have issues.  Ewan & Gerard!  My homeboys  =D  (blame Getty for the bad picture of Ewan)


Worst Dressed Women - three-way tie... Lisa-Marie Presley, Diane Kruger, and Sarah Fergueson


Best Dressed Woman - TIE!  Naomi Watts and my Phantom homegirl Emmy Rossum  =)


so pretty! 

The Oscars are only a month away!

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