Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

have you ever had a bird poo on your head??

So they wanna toy with us and push the release date of Valiant to August eh??  EH??  Too bad I always get the last laugh!  HA HA!

Ewan as Valiant:

The Scottish accent returns!!  I still love his Rodney Copperbottom accent though  <3

The things I will do for that man......  In case you don't know...I have a serious fear of birds.  SERIOUS.  All types of birds too.  Chickens...ducks....pigeons...you name it, I'm deathly afraid of it.  Still don't believe me?  well believe this:

Wendy: didn't I tell you birds freak me out?
Elyse: lol no
Wendy: well they do...
Elyse: but don't you eat chicken?
Wendy: yes....and i take great pleasure in knowing that i'm killing them


So with that in mind, you have NO idea how hard it was for me to watch this movie.  Yes, I know they're cartoon birds, but that doesn't make up for anything.  Their eyes are still beady...their beaks are still pointy...and their feet are still... *shudders*  Anyways, it was enjoyable, but I kept picturing Ewan as Valiant (which really bothers me when I watch cartoon movies).  Ewan's character was so adorable and Ricky Gervais & John Cleese's pigeons were hilarious.  I did have a problem with the fact that Ewan's pigeon looked like he's a kid with a 34 year old voice....

So all in all, it was funny...but if I had to pick, I'd choose Robots.  but don't forget that I'm very biased on this one  ;)

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