Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

Gerry's gonna be on Leno again April 14th to promote The Game of Their Lives!!! 

Is Elyse going? Of course. Is this my chance to finish my phone conversation with Gerry? we'll see ;)

hmmmmmmmm...so he was on the first time January 11th, again on March 2nd, and now this time.......  as much as I enjoy seeing him on TV, homeboy needs to get a hobby.  Anyways, this is a nice transition into the next 'war'   ;D

Elyse's response to my last post

I love how they both greet Jay with the same handshake/hug  :D

Sorry the Gerry pic is so grainy  =\   GB.net doesn't have awesome people like letters4pattyd making nice big screencaps for them.  Feel like converting, Patty?  ;D

oh, and since my phantom doll was so popular in the last post...here's the finished product:

you have NO idea how long it took me to get his vest/shirt/tie/collar right. and I promise his vest is a shiney flower-y fabric. You can't really tell cause of the flash :\

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