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Round.....012-420389412u2734...? who knows...

Elyse's response to my last post

Ewan: Read my palm
Wendy: ok.  You will meet a gorgeous.....man and leave your wife for him.  And you guys will lyke totally live in West Hollywood...and wear matching tighty whities!

Gerry: me next!  me next!
Wendy: You will...get jealous of Ewan's boyfriend and try to steal him away...and then you and Ewan will end up falling in love.  And then you guys will both break up and you'll come to my house and you guys will both fight to make love to me.

Ewan & Gerry: I'm so there
Wendy: >:D


note: the above conversation ocurred between Ewan and Jay Leno when Nicole Richie tried to read their palms on the Tonight Show.....  seriously, who uses that many "ands" in a single run-on sentence....

I'd like to think I don't actually lack that many braincells....  -___-

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