Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

I met Amy!

Amy Henry (from the 1st season of The Apprentice) was at A&M today!  Apparently she went to school here (totally didn't know that).  And anybody who knows me will tell you that I was so addicted to watching The Apprentice....but only the season she was on, cause after that it just kind of went downhill  :\ 

Anyways...she was really sweet and talked a LOT.  I felt kind of bad cause I didn't buy a book....  But I got there reeeally late, and everyone was pretty much gone already, so she just sat around with her publicist and chatted with me for a bit.  I told her that I watched the show religiously (note - watched.  not watch.)  and that I was rooting for her cause she was the last woman standing.  (Obviously she didn't win, but she did make it to the final 3).  Then I asked if she'd seen any of the newer episodes, and she responded with "actually, I have, but I watch all reality shows differently now because you know what they edited, etc" and then I asked her about Omarosa and she laughed and said "no comment".  Smart lady...

We talked some more about other things I can't recall at the moment....  She's really pretty in person.  and really tall.  oh and she's pregnant! oh yeah! and when she was at A&M, she took art history with the same prof I have!

pic's small cause I look like shit after running across campus  -___-

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