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I went to see Phantom back in December when they were doing a world tour in Shanghai China (yes, I know this is 4 months late…..I’ve been busy…so chill) 





Anyways, it was playing at the Shanghai Grand Theater from December 2004 to March 2005.  It was the biggest US production to come to that theater…or so I hear.  Since it was around Christmas time, there were 2 Christmas trees flanking the theater doors.  But, instead of regular ornaments, they had little Phantom masks!  The stairs were also decked out to look like a giant Phantom banner (very cool). 




I ended up seeing it 6 times over the course of 7 days  =P  Turns out my dad’s best friend is the Shanghai ambassador of cultural affairs (or something like that..?)  We initially went to buy our own tickets, but they were sold out until February  :\   Since I was going to be leaving China before then, my dad called up his friend to get us a pair of tickets.  He didn’t even hesitate to give us a pair…what a nice guy  :)  We went to pick up the tickets, only to find out that they were for a showing on December 25th (which was a problem because I had a family reunion dinner that same night).  So I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t go  :(   I guess he saw the look of disappointment on my face, so he told me to hold on, got on his cell, and asked for “a few more pairs of tickets from December 26th through January 1st” just so we could chose which showing we wanted to go to.  I went back to his office the next day to get the second set of tickets…..He had 6 pairs of tickets sitting on his desk.  I chose the December 26th tickets, but then he goes “why don’t you take them all..you know..for just in case?”  uhhh…how am I supposed to say no to that??  So I took them all and went to every single showing  :D   I felt kinda bad taking them…but he just told me to think of them as a Christmas present.  How awesome is that??  Let’s do some math


Since he’s all “important”…you know he was only going to have VIP tickets…


6 pairs of VIP tickets @ ¥1200 each = ¥14400


in US $’s?  that’s about $1800.  (but I’m going to assume that they’re actually worth more than that since those tickets aren’t even for sale)  That’s a pretty hefty Christmas present…


Anyways, here are the pictures you’ve been waiting for…(some of you may have already seen a few of them) –


one of my tickets:


the theater:


a close-up of the stairs:


another giant poster:


more banners fromt he outside of the theater:


a phantom wall!


the stage before the show started:  (there were chinese subtitles on the sides)


the chandelier <3


Raoul (played by Jarrod Carland)...he was very good as Raoul :)


Christine (played by Marni Raab)


Raoul & Christine:  (they were very cute together <3)


The Phantom (played by Brad Little):


I gave them a standing ovation every night  :)




Oh yes…and I got to sit next to the ambassador of Australia one night…and the ambassador of Singapore another night!  Both of them were really nice  :)

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