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I have a new Gerry fangirl buddy.  You'll never guess who it is.....


It's my MOM

how weird is that???

I went to see Phantom again on Sunday with both my parents.  We've all seen it before, but never at the same time.  On the way home, we were talking about it in the car and I asked my mom what she thought about the guy who plays the Phantom.... she was like "he was pretty good looking"....

but then, we get home and I'm showing her all my Phantom stuff (pictures, interviews, etc) and all of a sudden Gerry's Leno interview starts playing

mom: O_O  that is ONE good looking man!
me: *confused*
mom: WOW!  his voice is so sexy...
me: *still confused*  yeah..he's scottish
mom: REALLY??  wow he's sexy 

[my dad walks in]

dad: what are you two doing?
mom: looking at the guy who plays the Phantom
dad: he wasn't that great looking
dad: *mumbles something and walks off*
me: *dies laughing*
mom: omg..he's so tall...and handsome...and..*trails off* ....is he married?
me: hahahaha no mom, he's not married...you know, he was training to be a lawyer..
mom: really??  wow, sexy AND smart...he must have a lot of girlfriends...
me: yeah...he attracts a lot of women...

you see...my dad NEVER gets jealous.  and my mom NEVER gets schoolgirl crushes!  She also has this thing for actors who are tall.  She doesn't think there are enough of them  :p  She's really taken a liking to Gerry...

10 minutes later...

mom: you know who I feel bad for?
me: who, mom?
mom: that guy from Moulin Rouge
me: o_0
mom: well you're all into Phantom now...and you've been neglecting him
me: what!  no I haven't!

[I whip out the picture of Ewan and Gerry at the Burns night charity supper]

mom: WOW  that's a GREAT picture of both of them!
me: yeah I know!!

you see...my mom has never really thought much of Ewan (hold on, hold on..before you start throwing tomatos at my mom...she's about to redeem herself..) but after seeing them together in that picture, it may have changed her mind ;)  Usually when I do these types of things with my mom, she's always half paying attention..half doing something else.  But this time, she was in the middle of cooking dinner...put everything down...and sat infront of my computer to oogle Gerry.

a few minutes later...

dad: so where do you feel like going on vacation this year?
me: oooooooooooooooooo either Paris or Scotland!
mom: OH! if you go to scotland, take me with you and we can go find that guy who plays the Phantom!
me: *still slightly weirded out that I'm fangirling with my mom*
dad: no!  you're not going to find that guy!  .......he's not that great looking anyway................
me: hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha dont worry daddy...I'm too busy this year to take a vacation.  :(   maybe next year
dad: ok good.  maybe by then your mom's crush will die down

my parents are so weird........

What's weird is that I didn't argue with them the entire weekend.  Usually it's bound to happen at least two or three times....

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